What’s Goin Down 2.0 adds new user interface

What’s Goin Down 2.0, from Random Ideas, is a new release of the “professional-grade” TCP server network monitoring tool for the iPhone. The $5 application allows users to configure host names and ports for servers, as well as monitoring the health of the servers.

In addition to expanded iPhone compatibility, Version 2.0 adds a new user interface, as well as storage and visual representation of up to 10 of the last returns from each service, which allows easy tracking of connection latency. Also, users are able to use custom badge icons for servers.

What’s Goin On 2.0 works with all TCP-based network services including HTTP, HTTPS, POP, IMAP, SSH, and SMTP. The application can be used over all iPhone wireless modes, from EDGE to WiFi.

What’s Goin Down requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

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