Apple releases iTunes 8.2.1

Update: Apple has now confirmed that iTunes 8.2.1 also prevents the Palm Pre from syncing music and video with the software.

It’s a slow summer news week, so what better time for Apple to roll out a minor point release? On Wednesday, the company released iTunes 8.2.1. What exciting things come packaged beneath its calm outward exterior? Excellent question—we have no idea!

Apple’s reverted to its usual terse release notes with this update, saying only that iTunes 8.2.1 contains bug fixes and addresses an issue with the verification of Apple devices. So, if you’ve been having trouble verifying your Apple device, perhaps this is just the update for you.

The update, available for Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later and Win XP SP2 and Vista, weighs in at 77.3MB and can be acquired via Apple’s support downloads page or by running Software Update. There’s also a 64-bit version for Windows Vista 64 bit, at a slightly more svelte 75MB.

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