iMovie 8.0.4 update fixes problem with iPhone 3GS video

On Thursday, Apple released an update to its iMovie consumer video-editing application. iMovie 8.0.4 is recommended for all iMovie '09 ( ) users.

Besides the all-too-common "this update improves overall stability and fixes a number of other minor issues" note, Apple mentions three specific areas of improvement in the latest update. First, it fixes a problem with incorrect rotation when working iPhone 3GS-shot videos. Second, it resolves instability when adding multiple beat markers in some languages. Finally, it corrects an issue where iMovie could become unresponsive after using fine-tuning controls beyond the stabilized portions of a clip.

The 35MB download is available now from Apple's Web site or via OS X's Software Update mechanism. And if you've held off moving to the latest point upgrade of Leopard, you'll be happy to know that the updates only requires you to be running Mac OS X version 10.5.6.

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