BRU Server 2.0 backup software sports redesigned interface

Tolis Group on Wednesday announced the release of BRU Server 2.0 Backup Software, a new version of their business-oriented backup system that runs across multiple platforms, including the Mac. Pricing starts at $599.

BRU Server is a client/server backup system designed to support Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and Irix operating systems. It has no single archive size limitations, manages disk staging services for disk-to-disk and disk-to-disk-to-tape backup schema, native tape drive support, virtual machine support and much more.

New in the 2.0 release is a redesigned graphical user interface, identical in functionality on all platforms. New user-initiated backup and restore functions have been added which don’t require administrator intervention. An optional encryption module is now available as well.

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