Music is an important part of my life. And because it is, I tend to consume a lot of it, from a lot of different sources. In the past year I’ve acquired a tool that pours music into my waiting ears by the bucketful—the Sonos Multi-Room Music System. Of all the musical gadgets I own, it’s the one that gets the most airtime.

Sonos recently released its new $349 Sonos Controller 200 (CR200) and I’ve had the opportunity to review it (and yes, I like it too). Given the release of this new controller it seemed an appropriate time to take a video gander at the Sonos system.

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Show Notes

Offensive though the notion is to a lot of people, I really like subscription music services because the Sonos system takes such wonderful advantage of them. No fuss, no muss.

Napster goes for a pittance these days—$5 a month, and that includes five downloads. At $13 a month, Rhapsody isn’t the best deal around, but I still cling to it for its selection. Pandora remains one of the world’s greatest free music resources. is cool too.

Mid-way through the video I mention Rogue Amoeba’s $25 Airfoil 3 for streaming any audio from your Mac to an AirPort Express. It’s the goods. If you routinely stream music from your Mac to an AirPort Express, it’s worth having.

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