Next week we'll have a special Macworld Podcast focusing on the aftermath of Apple's forthcoming music event in San Francisco. But for this week, we change it up a bit, and spend the better part of an hour with analyst Michael Gartenberg. He's a smart guy who spends a lot of time and brainpower covering a smart market—smartphones.

Every time I think I've sussed where the smartphone market is going, I stop and ask myself, “I wonder what Gartenberg thinks about this?“ And so in this interview, you'll find me asking him a lot of questions along the lines of, “Can you tell me why what I believe is totally wrong?“

If you're interested in the future of the iPhone and some smart tech talk in general, I think you'll enjoy this chat with one of the more savvy followers of the tech industry today, Michael Gartenberg.

Download Episode #169 (19.4 MB, 54 minutes)

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