Live Update: Apple’s Rock & Roll event

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10:54 PT - JS: iPod shuffle, next. Smallest music player in the world. Apple says they're working with headphone makers to include the integrated shuffle control, apparently responding to criticism about requiring the on-cord controls to use it. Also, adapters that let you use any set of headphones are coming or already here.

10:56 PT - JS: New colors for the shuffle: Black, silver, pink, green, and blue. And now it's $59 for 2GB. 4GB is still $79. Colors available in either model, available today. Also, new iPod shuffle special edition, $99, 4GB, made of polished stainless steel.

10:58 PT - DF: So much for all the rumors of iPods with cameras? But wait...

10:57 PT - JS: And that's it for Phil. Steve Jobs is back on stage. New iTunes line, new iPods for the holidays. But we do have one more thing, and that is a video camera. We've seen video explode in the last few years, no more than on YouTube, which is serving up a billion streams a day. And where are they coming from? From folks like us, who are using these portable solid-state video cameras to take personal videos. (Shows a picture of the Flip, 4GB for $149.) And this market's really exploding, and we want to get it on this.

10:59 PT - JS: We're going to start off with an 8GB unit, and we're going to lower the price from $149 to free. This is the new Apple, isn't it? (laughter) How are we going to do that. We're going to build a video camera into the new iPod nano. On the back of each unit is a video camera and a microphone, and there's a speaker inside as well. Built into every iPod nano is now an awesome video camera. And yet we've still retained its incredibly small size.

11:00 PT - JS: So how good is it? Turns out it's great, Jobs says. You can watch the video on the nano, or sync it back to your computer, right into iPhoto on the Mac. And with one click, you can send it to YouTube.

11:01 PT - JS: Adding voiceover to the nano, adding Genius Mixes. FM Radio tuner built in as well. And built-in voice recorder app using the built-in microphone, and a built-in pedometer. You can even sync your steps to Nike plus for long-term goals.

11:03 PT - JS: It's a larger 2.2-inch display, polished anodized aluminum enclosure. The same shape and design. And it comes in "awesome colors this year. We finally figured out how to do colors that are unimaginably beautiful." Two models: 8GB for $149, and 16GB for $179. All available today.

11:04 PT - JS: Now running an ad for the iPod nano. People in bright colored clothes matching the iPods, taking videos while dancing to music.

11:05 PT - JS: So, iPod plus iTunes. An incredible release, iTunes 9, available today. And a great lineup, a very strong lineup for the holiday season, again, available today. That's what we wanted to show you, we're very pleased that you came.

11:06 PT - JS: "We've got great teams of people who make these products. And like you, we love music. That's probably the primary reason we do this. And there's no better way to remind us all, than by having a live performance. And we are really lucky today in that Norah Jones is going to join us."

11:07 PT - JS: "This is the earliest I think I've ever played," she says. Hey, it's midnight somewhere. She plays "Come Away With Me."

11:11 PT - JS: Second song, "Young Blood," from her forthcoming album.

11:15 PT - JS: Jobs back on stage to applaud, kisses Norah on the cheek, she and her band depart. "Thank you for coming, and we'll see you soon." And that's it from here, folks. Thanks for sticking with us.

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