iTunes 9.0.1 update restores 'maximize' button behavior

Nearly two weeks after taking the wraps off iTunes 9, Apple has an update for its music jukebox application. Released Tuesday, iTunes 9.0.1 fixes a number of issues—the most obvious of which is a quick reversal of decision on the functionality of the green “maximize” button.

In iTunes 9, if you wanted the miniature iTunes player window, you had to hold the Option key while clicking the green button. As of iTunes 9.0.1, the pre-iTunes 9 behavior has returned—clicking the green button switches to the miniature player mode. (Option-clicking the green button now maximizes the window.)

The update also promises improvements to iTunes Store browsing and fixes an issue where the application becomes unresponsive or unexpectedly quits. iTunes 9.0.1 also resolves a problem syncing podcasts in playlists to iPods and iPhones.

Other changes include a fix for a sorting issue that affected albums with multiple discs and improvements to application syncing for the iPod touch and iPhone. Finally, the Genius feature has been set to automatically show Genius Mixes; many users had trouble getting Genius Mixes to show in iTunes 9.

The 82.95MB iTunes 9.0.1 update is available through Software Update, or via Apple’s download page.

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