Farewell, but not goodbye

After more than ten years of sitting behind a news desk at Macworld, I'm moving on. Today marks my final day as a Macworld employee.

I've been writing news and covering Apple online for fifteen years. That's about three years longer than it would have taken me to get a Ph.D. So I'm delighted to matriculate from Macworld after such a great run.

I've been using the Mac professionally my entire adult life. I have about 24 years of professional experience with the Mac, if you count my very first summer job in high school (I turn 40 in December). I got started in online news in 1994 with the creation of my first site, which became a hub for Mac game news.

I eventually partnered with MacCentral, where I met a man I call my brother, Jim Dalrymple. I've had the extraordinarily good fortune to work with Jim at Macworld up until this past May, when he moved on, as well. Since 1999, I've also worked in the company of some of the most talented writers in the Apple market, and I'm proud to call them friends and colleagues.

Working at Macworld for this past decade, I've been able to watch the Apple ecosystem undergo an incredible transformation. Back in 1999, iMacs were fruit-colored, Wi-Fi was a novelty, and products like the iPod and the iPhone couldn't be imagined by most people.

Macworld has transformed in that time just like the industry has, from a traditional print magazine to a dynamic media resource in print, on the Web, and most recently, right on the iPhone and iPod touch.

I'm pleased to have been part of that evolution, and I hope that I can continue to be a part of it in the future.

I'm not taking much of a break -- you're going to see me and hear from me just as much as you have been, if not more. To that end, I hope you'll join me on Twitter, and feel free to check out my personal Web site.

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