At a recent Apple music event, the company announced a new crop of iPods. Nice as it is to have a faster iPod touch, I find the 5G nano the most compelling new iPod.

And what makes it compelling are the new video camera and buffered radio features. And it’s exactly these features that I show off in this video.

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Show notes

Yes, I know the volume from the videos shot with the iPod nano and Flip cameras is low. While I could have made the audio easier to listen to by boosting it, I thought you’d get a better idea about the characteristics of each camera’s microphone by leaving the audio alone.

If you’d like more information about today’s pocket camcorders, check out our Review Roundup: Pocket HD Camcorders. To see another comparison of the iPod nano’s camera to other pocket camcorders, PC World’s Head to Head: iPod nano vs. Pocket Camcorders is worth a look. And for more details on the 5G iPod nano, read my fifth-generation iPod nano review.

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