Now that the excitement surrounding the release of Snow Leopard and the unveiling of new iPods has dissipated, it’s time to shift our gaze from Apple proper and focus instead on broader issues.

We do exactly that in our interviews with Atebits’ Loren Brichter—creator of the surprisingly-controversial-in-some-quarters Tweetie 2—and Macworld’s own Rob Griffiths.

Associate editor Dan Moren mans the mic for the Brichter interview while Rob and I chat amiably about iMovie ’09 quirks, Snow Leopard tips, the iPhone as a sporting companion, and the possibility of new Mac models in the near future.

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Show Notes

Mr. Moren has followed the tempest-in-a-teapot that is Tweetie 2 and its pricing in his Tweetie Pricing Fuss Highlights App Store Flaw. That article has raised a ruckus in our forums. If you care to add to that ruckus, read the article and throw in your own 299 cents.

Rob and I make a very brief reference to his recent video efforts—Six Snow Leopard Tips and Six More Snow Leopard Tips. Each is worth your time. You’ll also want to keep up with the latest Snow Leopard tips that pass before Rob’s eyes at Mac OS X Hints.


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