There’s probably a study taken by some institution that shows that self-portraits are the most common type of picture taken with a digital camera. Everyone has done it-point the camera at yourself, hold it at arm’s length, try to aim the shutter at your face, and click. Aiming the shutter is the hard part, and it gets even trickier if there are two people in the shot.

With Samsung’s DualView TL225 digital camera, it’s a lot easier to take self-portaits. The TL225 features a 1.5-inch LCD on the front of the camera, so you can properly frame your self-portraits. It also has a touchscreen interface and gesture-based controls. In this video, see how the TL225 works.

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Show notes

The TL225 is in our lab for testing. We’ll have a full review of the camera soon. In the meantime, you can visit the TL225 product page for more information.

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