Omni Group to partner with GTD creator

The Omni Group has announced that it will team up with The David Allen Company—founded by David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done productivity system—to support the GTD methodology in the software maker’s OmniFocus task manager.

OmniFocus for Mac
Omnifocus was inspired from the get-go by GTD: It was designed to make the steps of the GTD process—quickly “capturing” to-do items whenever they occur to you, triaging them to decide when and how they should be done, reviewing what’s been done and what’s left to do—easier. It also uses some GTD nomenclature—next actions, contexts and projects. You don’t have to follow the GTD method to use OmniFocus—but OmniFocus does make it simpler to implement that method with your Mac and your iPhone.

The first result of the new partnership is a white paper entitled “OmniFocus, GTD, and You: Implementing the Getting Things Done Methodology with OmniFocus,” which is available as a free PDF from the Omni Group and David Allen Company sites.

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