Apple releases server diagnostic tool for Snow Leopard

Apple released a server diagnostic download on Thursday that the company says will test servers running Mac OS X Server 10.6 for hardware issues.

Apple Server Diagnostics 3X106 is a 20.20MB download available from Apple’s Support Website. The download is compatible with Snow Leopard Server running on the early 2009 and early 2008 models of the Xserve as well as the early 2009 models of the Mac mini.

Apple Server Diagnostics, or AXD, runs a customizable set of tests for diagnosing issues with server components including the Boot ROM, Ethernet controller, fan, hard drive, memory, power supply, processor, sensor, USB ports, and video controller.

Users can run the diagnostic tool in Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) or in Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server, Apple says.

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