As someone who works with text for a living, I’m a huge fan of utilities that provide multiple Clipboards. These programs store multiple recent contents of the Clipboard, letting you paste any of them quickly and easily. There are many such utilities out there; in this week’s video, I give you a closer look at three of my favorites, Jumpcut, PTHPasteboard Pro, and LaunchBar.

If you’ve never used a multiple-Clipboard utility, seeing how these three utilities work—each provides a different set of features and takes a slightly different approach to working with cut and copied content—may convince you that you need to give one a try. Doing so could improve your productivity dramatically.

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Show notes

You can view my review of Jumpcut, my review of PTH Pasteboard Pro, and Jason Snell’s review of LaunchBar 4. (We haven’t yet reviewed LaunchBar 5.)

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