Backblaze opens online backups to businesses

Backblaze ( ) has been providing an online backup service to Mac users since last April. Now the company is expanding that service to business users.

Backblaze’s primary selling-point is ease-of-use: By default, it backs up all your data, wherever it is on your Mac; it doesn’t back up the OS, your apps, or system files. Backblaze for Business aims to retain that simple approach, while adding a few options specifically for businesses.

All data being backed up is automatically encrypted on the computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored in encrypted form. Backblaze servers are housed in secure datacenters. Encryption keys are usually provided by Backblaze itself, but if a company wishes to supply its own, it can. Backblaze can provide reports on which computers were backed up, how much data is selected for backup, and when the most recent backup occurred, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Perhaps the most corporate-friendly feature is the price: Backblaze will back up each Mac in an office for $50 a year.

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