In all the hubbub surrounding the release of new Macs you may have missed the Windows 7 release. Yeah, yeah, we’re Mac users and so who cares? Well, if you’re one of those people who needs Windows for work but prefers to use a Mac, maybe you do.

In order to use Windows on your Mac you require either Apple’s Boot Camp or some variety of virtualization application. And it’s just those applications that are the focus of my interview with senior editor Rob Griffiths. The major players in this market—VMWare and Parallels—have released new versions of their applications and Rob’s spent time with both. Tune it to hear his opinions.

After a word from Macworld Superguides, senior contributor, Ben Long, and I discuss the state of iPhone jailbreaking. Apple has closed a security hole in a recent iPhone update and that’s forced jailbreakers to seek other means of entry. Ben and I talk about whether jailbreaking is safe and still worth the bother.

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    Show Notes

    I begin the episode with a reading of my Eight Steps to Internet Unpopularity. If you’re a troll, nitpicker, endless promoter, grudge holder, or simply clueless, you’ll want to give it a listen.

    Rob’s taken a look at both Parallels Desktop 5 and VMWare Fusion 3. He also reviewed Sun’s VirtualBox 2.1.4 last spring. We touched on Boot Camp, but failed to mention that, according to Apple, Snow Leopard isn’t yet ready to tackle Windows 7.

    During my talk with Ben I mentioned that the App Store has 100,000 apps. I wasn’t making that up. I also plugged Ben’s book, Complete Digital Photography for good reason. It’s outstanding. You’ll absolutely be a better shooter after reading it.

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