AT&T strikes back at Verizon in new ad

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No, no, no, AT&T. I realize you’re trying to fight fire with fire with your new “side-by-side” ad, but when you play with fire, somebody’s going to get burned. Taking on Verizon head on by comparing your services is not exactly a win for you, especially when two of your points (most popular smartphones and 100,000 apps) are pretty much thanks to a single handset that rhymes with Sly Stone.

And even claiming a “better” 3G experience seems questionable, given your checkered history in that department. But yes, I know you have to do something after your failed attempt to sue Verizon over its ads and Verizon’s unbridled smarm. Perhaps you should have considered being the bigger person and not sinking to Verizon’s level. But if you’re going to fight in the streets, maybe you could have at least invested in a little more than Luke Wilson and a big board o’ magnets. (The full ad is embedded below.)

But now you’ve opened up a can of worms. You realize how this goes, right? To paraphrase Sean Connery from The Untouchables, you pull a Luke Wilson, Verizon pulls an Owen Wilson; you take ‘em to the courts, they take you to the cleaners. If this escalation keeps up, then pretty soon Verizon’s ads are going to be quirky, two-hour long Wes Anderson-directed affairs with Jason Schwartzman pondering the pursuit of life, love, and decent 3G coverage. Possibly in stop-motion.

Actually, I would totally watch that.

[via Gizmodo]


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