Digital picture frames for your pics

Display your pics on your shelf or desk with a digital picture frame. Here are our top picks from the frames we've reviewed over the past year.

Put your pics on display

Now that you’ve broken in that new digital camera you got for the holidays and your memory cards are loaded with pictures of the festivities, it’s time to display them in your home with a digital picture frame. We’ve rounded up our top-rated frames to help you find the one that’s right for you.

eStarling TouchConnect WPF-588

Like many frames, the TouchConnect WPF-588 ( ) can access the Internet. You can access a few Internet services: Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa, RSS feeds, and Twitter. The touchscreen interface can sometimes be frustrating to use, but images look great. Read the full review. [$200; eStarling]

Giant International Intouch IT7150

The 7-inch Intouch IT7150 ( ) has an 800-by-400-pixel resolution display and Wi-Fi support. Besides displaying your pictures, the IT7150 can stream content through FrameChannel, a free online service that provides information through the frame. Read the full review. [$230; Giant International]

HP df820

With its real wood, the 7-inch df820 ( ) looks about as close to a traditional picture frame as you can get. It’s exceedingly simple to create slide shows; you simply plug in a memory card and use the touch-activated border to customize both the time between photos and the transitions used. Read the full review. [$149; HP]

Ipevo Kaleido R7

The Kaleido R7 ( ) is beautifully designed, even if it doesn’t particularly resemble a picture frame. The 7-inch widescreen can rotate on its solid, heavyweight stand. You can easily set up the frame to stream photos from your iPhoto library, or you can have the frame access online photo sharing accounts. Read the full review. [$149; Ipevo]

Isabella Products Vizit

Some digital photo frames offer so much functionality that photo sharing becomes an ordeal for some, but the 10-inch Vizit ( ) minimizes the frills. You can arrange to authorize friends and family members to send photos directly from their e-mail accounts or mobile phones to the Vizit, using the AT&T network. Read the full review. [$280; Isabella Products]

Kodak EasyShare D830

In its warm brown wooden frame, the 8-inch D830 ( ) easily blends in with any other frames arranged on your shelf. You can replace the frame with any picture frame you choose: Simply pop out the D830 display, slip the new frame over it, and slide the toggles to hold it all together. Read the full review. [$140; Kodak]

Kodak EasyShare S730

The 7-inch S730 ( ) straddles both traditionalist and multimedia worlds. The display produced excellent results in our tests, with natural-looking, vivid, and detailed pictures. The S730 also plays MOV, AVI, and MPEG-4 videos, as well as MP3s. Read the full review. [$140; Kodak]

Kodak EasyShare W1020

Kodak’s W1020 ( ) digital photo frame stands out thanks to its image quality. The 10-inch frame, which displays at a 16:9 ratio, produced very good color accuracy in our tests. The W1020 has Wi-Fi support and can stream content from your online Kodak EasyShare Gallery and Flickr accounts. Read the full review. [$230; Kodak]

Pandigital PAN1002W02T

Pandigital’s 10.4-inch PAN1002W02T ( ) frame comes with an extra wooden frame, so you can switch between black and espresso. The display was impressive, with good image detail and very little color shift (what little there was tended toward the cool side, as with most digital frames). Read the full review. [$150; Pandigital]

Transcend PF720

Transcend’s 7-inch PF720 ( ) digital picture frame is quite versatile—it might even offer too much for anyone looking for a straightforward picture frame. It’s also an FM radio, a video player, an alarm clock, and an MP3 player. The frame’s images looked crisp and served up photos with extremely natural-looking color. Read the full review. [$89; Transcend]

Transcend PF730

Transcend's PF730 ( ) looks more like a typical 7-inch picture frame, than Transcend's PF720, but it also has a video player, an alarm clock, a calendar, and an MP3 player. The screen looked crisp and displayed natural-looking photos. Read the full review. [$150; Transcend]

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