Nine great gifts for the Mac businessperson

Whether your favorite Mac businesspeople dwell in a distant office or across the cubical wall, these inexpensive gifts will help them celebrate the season.

1. The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie

What could epitomize geek chic more than ThinkGeek’s $15 8-bit tie? This pixilated piece of polyester comes in red or blue. It also clips on, so that your giftee will waste as little time as possible getting ready for his next big day at the office.

2. Backwards clock

Does your giftee complain that time seems to stand still during weekly meetings? Does he or she wish there were more hours in the day? If so, the $13 Backwards Clock may be the perfect present. It looks like a run-of-the-mill office clock, but its hands actually move backwards.

3. The bomb t-shirt

Help them celebrate freedom from technical meltdowns on their days off with this eye-catching t-shirt. This $19 tee sports the vintage Mac bomb.

4. Cable Monkey Cable Organizer

Give the gift of organization and monkey love: Wrap this little guy’s arms around a tangled mess of cables and suddenly co-workers smile when they pass by. The $5 Cable Monkey Cable Organizer is simple and actually useful.

5. Thinking Putty

Office frustrations will melt away as your giftee squeezes, pounds, shapes, or bounces this wad of putty off the wall. Select from Thinking Putty’s special holiday hues, as well as heat-sensitive, glow-in-the-dark, and even magnetic colors ($10-12).

6. Starbucks card

A warm cup of coffee provides comfort on the coldest of Mondays. Get your giftees Starbucks Cards in $25 increments and they'll be able to load up on all the eggnog lattes and peppermint mocha frappuccinos they need. (Buy cards at your local Starbucks if time gets tight.) If you’re willing to pass cards off as a New Year’s gift, you might consider making your giftees customized Starbucks cards. For a $4 charge per card, you can choose an image and even write each person a personal message. (These take at least two weeks to arrive.)

7. Grab-it Pack Gadget Holster

Gadget slingers everywhere will appreciate this $25 multi-pocketed holster. Load ‘em up and ride out.

8. iPhone-friendly gloves

The cold weather dilemma: stay warm or answer that phone call? Help them do both with Dots gloves ($15-25). Special fingertips allow you to operate an iPhone touchscreen even with fingers covered.

9. Vintage Apple mug

Remember the days when analysts forever predicted Apple’s doom? This vintage Apple mug ($25) will remind your giftee that no matter what other people say, it’s always possible that business will pick up.

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