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iBlast Moki for iPhone

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iBlast Moki from Godzilab is a physics puzzler full of charm, challenging puzzles, and nearly endless replay value.

Bombs Away: Your mission in iBlast Moki is to use bombs and other tools to propel the adorable Mokis toward a portal on each level.

The goal in iBlast Moki is to rescue the cute little Mokis by moving them into a portal. To do this, you use all sorts of objects. In the earlier levels, that means bombs, which you employ to blast the Mokis toward the portal. When you place a bomb near a Moki, you can see the projected path they will take; you can even set a time delay on the explosion.

As you progress and unlock later levels, new tools become available—ropes, bars, screws, balloons, and wheels. Balloons float upward, bars can be used to make bridges, screws hold bars in place, wheels turn, and ropes can be attached to objects. Each level presents you with unique landscapes and obstacles requiring a well thought-out plan and good timing. The higher the level, the more difficult the puzzle.

iBlast Moki spreads more than 70 levels across six different worlds—each one with its own set of physics challenges. For example, in the underwater world, lighter objects tend to float slowly toward the surface.

The touch controls are intuitive and work perfectly. To place an object, you just drag-and-drop it into place. When attaching a rope to objects or moving the end of a bar, a magnified circle pops up so that it’s easy to place them just right. Once you get things set up, you tap the bomb button and see how it plays out.

Solving puzzles in iBlast Moki is mostly trial and error. You set up the objects hit the bomb button, see what happens and then tap it again to reset everything back to your last move and adjust from there.

The graphics are similar to Rolando and have a whimsical look that’s great. The soundtrack and sound effects are also top notch drawing you in even further.

As if 70 levels weren’t enough, there’s a fully featured level editor so you can create your own custom levels. You can even play and rate levels created by other users as well as check how you rank on global leaderboards.

iBlast Moki is an outstanding game you’re sure to be enjoying for months to come. It’s probably one of the best pick-up-and -lay games around, and a free lite version offers a taste of what to expect if you’d like to see a demo first.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder iBlast Moki

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