JVC speaker turns your iPod on its ear

JVC has announced its new XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock, whose look is infinitely sleeker than its name.

The $150 system is made to support docking your iPod or iPhone in both vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) orientations with the help of a rotating holder. The vertical approach works like most every other speaker dock out there, but the horizontal mode should work great for when you want to watch a movie on the iPod’s screen. It’s wide design also makes it stand out among other iPod speakers in the crowded field.

The XS-SR3 supports a variety of iPod models, and comes with four clips to hold different iPods, but JVC hasn’t announced precisely which ones. The XS-SR3 offers Dolby Virtual Surround sound, which JVC says “creates the illusion of a wider sound field when viewing video content,” includes an external remote, and has one analog and one digital audio input for connecting other devices.

JVC says the XS-SR3 should be available later this month for $150.

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