CNBC to air 'Welcome to Macintosh' documentary

Set your DVRs, people. On January 4th, 2010 at 9:30PM Eastern, CNBC will broadcast Welcome to Macintosh, an independent documentary chronicling Apple's history.

The documentary is already available in iTunes, but you can save your hard-earned dollars for additional iPhone apps instead if you choose to watch the free-as-in-beer airing early next year.

And it's definitely worth watching, based on the description alone, which mentions interviews with Andy Hertzfeld (one of the creators of the original Macintosh), Guy Kawasaki, and Ron Wayne, Apple's own Pete Best. (Not to mention frequent Macworld contributor John Moltz!)

If Welcome to Macintosh doesn't satisfy your CNBC/Apple-themed documentary craving, you'll also want to catch Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution, airing January 7th on the same network.

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