In this week’s video, I take you on a video follow-up to my article about adding an ExpressCard solid state drive to certain MacBook Pros.

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Show notes

During the video, I discuss the Wintec Filemate 48GB ExpressCard SSD that I used for this project, and then demonstrate how to install it in the MacBook Pro. I then demonstrate the speedy startup time, and spend a bit of time discussing my Xbench disk testing results. Finally, I set up a side-by-side comparison test that shows the launch time for 10 bundled OS X applications on the internal disk and the ExpressCard SSD.

In the video, the launch of the 10 apps on the internal drive shows somewhat odd behavior—there’s a notable delay before the windows all appear, even though the icons have finished bouncing. I ran these launch tests directly after a reboot on each drive, and I tried them each three times (rebooting between each). The behavior was the same all three times, so I’m not sure what’s causing the anomaly. In the article I wrote about this ExpressCard SSD, I used a different set of 10 apps, and these didn’t exhibit the same behavior. In that test, the apps opened on the internal drive in five seconds, and on the SSD, in three seconds.

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