Skydda Design's BambooBook is full of bamboo and class

It seems like fancy MacBook covers are all the rage these days. On Thursday I wrote about the BookBook. And now comes Skydda Design's BambooBook, a MacBook Pro case for the truly classy. Manufactured of exotic bamboo and lined with plush, padded suede fabric, this case is so chic that it comes with its own formfitting vinyl cover—a case with it's own case; now that's classy.

Custom made for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the BambooBook boasts a rich, hardwood appearance and provides solid, bamboo-strength protection for your precious Mac. It's designed to let you operate your Mac without having to remove it from the case, making it almost like a wooden skin for your Mac. The BambooBook also maintains a cool surface, making life more comfortable for those who take the term "laptop" literally.

The BambooBook is currently on sale for $119, but Skydda Design is offering a $20 coupon, "skydda20", to bring the price down to a more manageable $99.

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