Sling Media: AT&T allowed 3G streaming without changes

On Thursday, Macworld reported that AT&T would now allow SlingPlayer Mobile to stream TV over 3G. We referenced AT&T’s press release, titled “AT&T and Sling Media Collaborate on SlingPlayer Mobile App for 3G Mobile Broadband Network.” Said release quoted AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega as saying: “Sling Media was willing to work with us to revise the app to make it more bandwidth sensitive.”

So you can imagine our surprise today when Sling Media spokesman John Santoro told Ars Technica that “We didn't change anything,” even going as far as to state “AT&T never discussed any specific requirements with us.”

In fact, Santoro told Ars, the SlingPlayer Mobile app has always been able to adjust the video-stream quality depending on your available bandwidth. He added that AT&T had never requested specific changes to the app’s code.

Clearly someone’s fudging the truth, and whether it’s the company embarrassed about its poor 3G service or the developers aching to give their customers exactly the app they crave is not for me to judge. No, the only question that really matters is this: when will Apple approve the 3G-enabled version of SlingPlayer in the App Store?

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