Sans Digital's TowerSTOR TS4CT supports RAID

On Wednesday, Sans Digital released the new TowerSTOR TS4CT, a four-bay tower enclosure with hardware RAID support.

The TowerSTOR TS4CT has four hard drive bays; each bay supports hot swapping for replacing a drive. Supprted RAID levels are 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5.

The drive has four interfaces: eSATA, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 (two ports), and USB 2.0. Sans Digital also offers a four-port eSATA PCI-E card for Mac Pros for $229.

Sans Digital sells the TowerSTOR TS4CT without hard drive mechanisms for $439. The TowerSTOR TS4CT is also sold with hard drives. Sans Digital offers the following configurations.

  • Four 500GB drives (model TowerSTOR TS4CT2T) for $738
  • Four 750GB drives (model TowerSTOR TS4CT3T) for $878
  • Four 1TB drives (model TowerSTOR TS4CT4T) for $938
  • Four 1.5TB drives (model TowerSTOR TS4CT6T) for $1178
  • Four 2TB drives (model TowerSTOR TS4CT4T) for $1638

The company states that SATA II drives are used in its bundles, but the mechanism manufacturer is not listed.

Sans Digital also released a 1U rackmount version of the TowerSTOR TS4CT called the EliteRAID ER104CT. It is available without drives for $550. Hard drive bundles for the EliteRAID ER104CT are priced between $849 and $1749.

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