Apple offers updates for Samsung, Brother printers

I was on an airplane Monday afternoon, so I missed what is doubtlessly the talk of elite Mac users this week—a pair of printer driver updates released by Apple.

You mean printer driver updates aren’t the talk among the elite Mac users you hang out with? Man, I’ve got to start hanging out with a livelier group.

Nevertheless, printer drivers are necessary, if not exactly spine-tingling, so owners of Samsung and Brother printers will doubtlessly want to download Samsung Printer Drivers for Mac OS X v10.6 and Brother Printer Drivers for Mac OS X v10.6, respectively. The former is a 23.25MB download that includes Samsung printing software that shipped with Snow Leopard, while the latter is a 100.02MB file with the latest Brother printing and scanning software for OS X 10.6.1 and later.

How to tell if your printer model is supported by this pair of updates? Follow Apple’s handy links to see a list of supported Samsung and Brother hardware.

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