Microsoft pulls Bing app from non-U.S. App Stores

The iPhone app for Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has been pulled from all international App Stores, according to However, it remains available for U.S. customers.

The good folks in Redmond are quoted as saying that the app was never intended for international markets, and was instead supposed to be destined for the United States alone. The company claims that it is working on international versions of Bing for iPhone, but it remained mum on when these would be made available.

As has been the case with other apps been pulled from the App Store, users who have already purchased and downloaded the app can continue to use it regardless of which country they call home.

The Bing app, which was originally launched last December, provides access to most of the functions provided by its Web-based cousin, such as image, business, movie, and news search, in addition to map visualization and travel directions.

[via CNet]

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