FoxTrot creator takes jab at iPad Flash policy

If I were a comic book artist, I'd want to be Bill Amend—I simply can't help but admire an author who, all the way back in 2003, was capable of getting a joke about C programming syndicated across hundreds of newspapers worldwide—and on a weekday, too. 

Amend's comics can be best defined as “geeky.” The artist, an avowed Apple fan since the days of the Apple ][, often features company’s products in his strips, usually under a thinly disguised veil—like the iFruit computer on which comic protagonist Jason Fox (Amend’s alter ego) spends most of his time plotting implausible plans for world domination (when he's not busy playing “World of Warquest”).

It's no surprise, therefore, to find out that Amend has a thing or two to say about the iPad and Apple’s policies—not to mention creating one of the best caricatures of Steve Jobs ever. In an exquisitely nerdy five panels, his Sunday strip declares that the iPad will save all superheroes—except one. Any parallels between the strip and Apple’s unwillingness to put a certain Adobe technology on the iPad is purely intentional.

(In case you're wondering, FoxTrot is published once a week on Sundays. If your local newspaper doesn't carry it, you should definitely switch to a different one.)

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