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TrendyGeek Pod Shield

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  • TrendyGeek Pod Shield

Despite a healthy market offering innumerable choices for protective iPod cases, many iPod owners prefer to carry their iPods au naturale -- usually because they like the design and size of the iPod and don't want to spoil either with a case. For these users, TrendyGeek's Pod Shield offers an alternative: a thin, clear membrane that protects your iPod's screen and metal back from scratches without adding bulk or altering the iPod's appearance.

The Pod Shield adheres using only static, making it easily applied and just as easy to remove. Once applied, the only clues that your iPod is protected from scratches are the small air bubbles under the Pod Shield that all but the most conscientious sticker-smoothers will experience. The Pod Shield leaves your iPod's corners, top, and white plastic exposed, and it won't protect against bumps and drops, but it provides a nice "second skin" that will keep the most common iPod affliction -- surface scratches -- at bay.--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Protects iPod's screen and metal back from scratches

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