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Power Support Crystal Film

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  • Power Support Crystal Film

A number of companies make thin film overlays to protect iPod screens from scratches, but most of these add-ons have two problems. First, they're generally soft and flexible, which means that over time they get pretty beat up (and even ripped). Second, because they're so flexible, they tend to be difficult to apply without leaving lots of little air bubbles. Power Support has taken a different approach by using a more rigid silicon material, and we're happy to say that their Crystal Film for iPod solves both of these problems -- it's quite a bit more durable than some of the other films we've tested, and because of this stiffness, it's much easier to apply bubble-free. Like the company's excellent 3D Wheel Film (also reviewed here), we plan on buying these for our own iPods.--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Protects the screen on all iPods

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