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13-inch MacBook/2.4GHz (white)

The new MacBooks represent some progress--PowerBook and even some first-generation MacBook users will definitely see substantial improvement over their current systems. If you just bought a MacBook a few months ago, however, you won't be kicking yourself for buying too early, since the differences between the two aren't that great. With its faster processor, bigger hard drive, and more installed memory, this system is a better choice than the 2.1GHz model for just an extra $200.

At a Glance
  • The next-generation of the Core 2 Duo processor -- code-named Penryn -- highlights this round of MacBook updates. The processor upgrade delivers faster speeds than the previous generation, but less shared L2 cache (3MB, compared to 4MB in the previous generation). Hard-drive capacities have also jumped -- this model now offers 160GB of storage. And both 2.4GHz MacBooks ship with 2GB of memory installed.


    • Solid performance
    • 2GB of RAM standard
    • Larger hard drive than previous model


    • No video adapters or Apple Remote in the box
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