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  • Digital LifeStyle Outfitters (DLO) DLO Jam Caps

When the iPod shuffle was released, I expected a wide variety of third-party accessories. However, I have to admit, the first things that came to mind weren't replacement caps -- you know, that small white thing you snap onto the end of your shuffle to protect its USB connector. I guess it makes sense, considering how easy it is to lose the included cap, but I just didn't think of it.

Obviously the folks at DLO did, because one of the first iPod shuffle accessories they've released is their iPod shuffle Jam Caps. Like the stock cap, Jam Caps protect your shuffle's USB connector. But unlike Apple's cap, Jam Caps are made of soft silicone and come in five colors (blue, orange, green, purple, and clear). Slightly longer than the shuffle's own cap, Jam Caps are rounded at the bottom instead of square and stay on more because of the stickiness of their silicone than the ball-bearing snap used by Apple's accessories.

As with DLO's Cool Caps lanyards, Jam Caps are sold only in packages of five, which makes them a bit pricey at $20 if you only want one or two. On the other hand, if you've got more than one iPod shuffle in your home, Jam Caps provide another advantage: Like those color-coded rubber rings you put on keys to figure out which is for the front door and which is for the back, Jam Caps' different colors can be used to keep track of which shuffle is yours and which is your spouse's/kid's/sibling's.--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Replacement/accessory USB caps for the iPod shuffle

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