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Apple iPod mini Lanyard

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  • Apple iPod mini Lanyard

There are a number of cases for the iPod mini that include a lanyard for hanging the mini around your neck, but all of these cases add bulk and/or cover the iPod. If you'd like to wear your iPod mini in its natural state, Apple's iPod mini Lanyard is your only option, and luckily Apple has done it right.

The Lanyard is comprised of a white plastic base and a thick, gray nylon strap. The strap is strong and comfortable, with just a slight bit of scratchiness when worn against your neck. The base attaches to the iPod mini's dock connector via two spring-loaded, metal hooks that fit into holes on the inside edges of the dock connector. The fit is quite sturdy -- even when exerting a good deal of force, I couldn't pull the lanyard base apart from my mini. To detach the lanyard, you squeeze two buttons on the base to release the base's metal hooks.

Although the Lanyard is designed for use with "bare" iPod minis, it can be used with some third-party cases, provided those cases leave the entire bottom edge of the iPod mini exposed.

In typical Apple style, the iPod mini Lanyard is a thoughtfully-designed accessory that does its job well. And it's only $19, which is surprising considering that Apple charges $29 for similar types of add-ons for the iPod shuffle.--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Lanyard attachment for iPod mini models.

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