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  • Speck Products iGuy

Every once in a while we receive a product that's so bizarre that we can't help but like it. The iGuy is one of those products. Speck, long known for its protective silicone cases for the iPod, has taken that last step over the edge and created a posable figure -- think "white, iPod-shaped Gumby" -- that just so happens to double as an iPod case. Speck bills the iGuy as the "first toy" for the iPod.

The main body of the iGuy is a white, silicone case for 4th-generation iPods and iPod photos. (The thinner iPod models fit using an included plastic spacer.) A clear plastic insert protects your iPod's screen, while the playback controls, hold switch, and headphone/remote jack remain accessible. Like many Speck cases, the bottom of the iGuy flips out of the way to allow you to access your iPod's dock connector; in fact, you can even place your iPod in a dock base without having to remove the case.

That's where the similarities to Speck's other cases end. The base of the case features two stocky legs/feet, wide enough for the iGuy to actually stand, unassisted, with your iPod inside; the sides of the iGuy sprout long, baseball-bat-shaped arms. (The arms are posable-wire appendages, so you can position them to your liking.) And Speck didn't overlook the details: Around the office, everyone got a kick out of the lower-rear of the iGuy, which features an anatomically correct -- as far as we can tell, not being experts on iPod-shaped people -- bum. In fact, when you flip the bottom of the iGuy open to place your iPod on the dock, the image you get is one of the iGuy sitting down on a chair (or at least on a white, shiny object).

The iGuy is fairly heavy as far as iPod cases go, and definitely bulky -- this isn't the most portable case on the market. It's also more expensive than other silicone cases. But no other case can match it in the fun department.

(Speck also makes a version of the iGuy for the iPod mini -- the iGuy mini -- and a feline version called the iKitty. See our coverage of these products by browsing our case reviews.)--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • Speck Products iGuy

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