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Apple iPod USB Power Adapter

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  • Apple iPod USB Power Adapter

Apple envisions that most shuffle owners will charge their iPod shuffles by plugging them into an open powered USB port. For those who find this scheme inconvenient--you either have no free USB ports or your computers isn't awake long enough to fully charge the shuffle--there's Apple's $29 USB Power Adapter. This adapter is exactly the same as the FireWire power adapter--save for the USB connector--that once graced the box of all iPods. Just jack the Power Adapter into a handy socket, plug the shuffle into the Adapter's USB port, and wait while the shuffle charges. And the USB Power Adapter will also charge any dockable iPod via Apple's USB USB 2.0 dock connector cable.
--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • USB Power Adapter (charger) for the iPod shuffle and dockable iPods

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