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Pacific Design iPod 4G Flip Case

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  • Pacific Design iPod 4G Flip Case

One of our favorite iPod mini cases is Pacific Design's Flip Case, and the company has recently released a version for standard iPod models. Like the mini version, the standard Flip Case is made of leather-like vinyl with a soft interior and features a retro, racing-stripe design. It offers full-body protection for your iPod thanks to the flipcover which, like the mini version, uses two small magnets to fasten shut rather than a wraparound strap, making the case less bulky than many other flipcases.

At the same time, the full-size Flip Case differs from its mini sibling in several ways, such as a built-in belt loop that fastens via both a snap and velcro -- an interesting approach that provides more security than using only one or the other. You also get more color choices (7 instead of 4), and your iPod's dock connector remains accessible via an opening at the bottom of the case that's actually large enough to accommodate dock connector adapters such as SendStation's line of PocketDocks. (The mini version's dock opening was big enough only for Apple's dock cable.)

On the other hand, the inside of full-size Flip Case isn't quite as nice as the mini version: When you open the flipcover, the full-size model covers the entire face of your iPod in clear vinyl, with an opening for the Click Wheel; the mini version uses a leather cover, with an opening for the Click Wheel and a clear vinyl window for the screen.

Because the standard version is designed for all 4th-generation and later iPods (including color-screen models), the sides of the case include elastic bands to help it fit all sizes snugly. And the headphone hole at the top of the Flip Case is large enough to accommodate many third-party headphone plugs (which we appreciate, being fans of upgrading your iPod's earbuds). However, the hole provides access to only half of the iPod's hold switch -- you can disable hold mode but you can't enable it without opening the flipcover. And for some reason the flipcover leaves about 1/4" of free space at the top of the iPod.

Overall, it sounds like we're fairly critical of Pacific Design's full-size Flip Case, but it's actually a good flipcase with a unique design; it's just out-shined by its little sibling.--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • Pacific Design iPod 4G Flip Case

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