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BTI Headphone Splitter

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  • BTI Headphone Splitter

We've previously covered several headphone splitters that covert an iPod's single headphone jack into two, allowing you to share your tunes with another person. However, BTI's version is unique in that each of the two headphone jacks it provides has its own rotary volume control. Each listener can choose his or her own volume, thus solving the most common problem of headphone splitters -- which user gets to set the volume? In our testing, the individual volume controls worked as advertised, with no discernible drop in audio quality.

The only drawback to BTI's design is that the two headphone jacks are positioned on the sides of the splitter, with the volume controls on the top; when you plug headphones into the two jacks, their plugs and cables thus stick out the sides. We would have preferred to see the two headphone jacks on the top with the volume controls on the sides. Also, the usual caveats about top-mounted accessories apply: Make sure that any case you use with your iPod provides adequate access to the headphone jack.

That being said, BTI's splitter has become our headphone splitter of choice and is highly recommended.--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Splits a single headphone jack into two, with independent volume controls.

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