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XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod shuffle

At a Glance
  • XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod shuffle

XtremeMac's Audio Splitter for iPod shuffle looks to be the ideal accessory for iPod shuffle owners who want to share their music with another person. The form-fitting Splitter attaches to the top of your iPod shuffle, plugging into the shuffle's headphone jack, and then provides two headphone jacks for connecting two pairs of headphones.

Unfortunately, the unit we received didn't function properly. When attached, if you bumped or nudged the Splitter at all, the audio signal cut out completely. In addition, the headphone jacks themselves were very tight, making it difficult to connect headphones.

If you need a headphone jack splitter for your iPod shuffle, we recommend BTI's $15 Headphone Splitter (reviewed here at Playlist), which also provides independent volume controls for each jack.
--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Headphone jack splitter for iPod shuffle

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