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Apple iPod nano Armband

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  • Apple iPod nano Armband

The first iPod nano accessory you can actually buy, Apple's iPod nano Armband is designed to let you carry your iPod nano on your upper arm -- a popular type of carrying case for exercising. Although Apple also makes armbands for iPod shuffle and mini models, the nano version offers a couple advantages. For example, the band itself is perforated to let your arm breath. (The mini and shuffle versions use a solid band that many users find contributes to sweat buildup.) And whereas the mini and shuffle versions offer no protection for your iPod's face, the nano version at least covers two-thirds of it -- basically, everything but the screen. The Click Wheel remains accessible through a clear vinyl window.

Like Apple's other armbands, you fasten it by threading the strap through a metal loop and then pressing together Velcro pieces; it's comfortable and feels secure during use. The only drawback is that if the end of the armband strap isn't lined up with one of the Velcro "dots," it tends to stick out, which can allow it to get caught on your body when running or moving your arms.--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Armband holder for iPod nano

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