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BoxWave iPod Photo AV miniSync

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If you've got an iPod capable of presenting your photos on a television -- an iPod photo or "iPod (with Color display)" -- you need an AV cable or dock in order to do so. Apple's $39 dock offers the best video and audio quality, but it's bulky and requires additional cables. For travel, Apple's $19 iPod AV Cable is a better choice, but it's still not very travel-friendly. Enter BoxWave's iPod Photo AV miniSync. Like Apple's cable, the miniSync plugs into your photo/color iPod's AV (headphone) jack and provides RCA left and right audio plugs, as well as an RCA composite video plug, which connect to your television or projector. Unlike Apple's cable, when you're ready to pack up and go, the miniSync automatically retracts into a small, wind-up reel. (If you've seen the popular Zip-Linq retractable cables, the miniSync uses the same design.)

Overall, the miniSync looks and feels flimsier than Apple's AV cable -- especially where the thin cables meet the RCA plugs -- but in our testing the miniSync worked perfectly when presenting photos on a TV. And since you can also use the miniSync's left/right RCA plugs to connect your iPod to a stereo for audio-only playback, it comes in handy for more than just showing off your vacation pictures. With its diminutive size and adjustable cable length, the miniSync is a recommended addition to any iPod travel bag.
--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Cable for connecting color/photo/video iPods to a television.

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