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HeadRoom AirHead/BitHead

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  • HeadRoom AirHead/BitHead

From the Playlist book:

Although most headphones we review on Playlist are efficient enough to be used directly from your iPod, many high-end headphones are not. If you're a fan of power-hungry 'phones, or an audiophile who rips your music at high bit rates (or, even better, using Apple Lossless), then you're just the sort of person who will appreciate a portable headphone amplifier. Unlike the iPod's built-in headphone jack, a good headphone amp such as HeadRoom's AirHead or BitHead will be able to drive even the most inefficient headphones. But we're not just talking volume here; we mean better audio quality, as well--deep, tight bass, natural midrange, and improved clarity. And HeadRoom's amplifiers include the company's special crossfeed circuitry, which makes listening to headphones more like listening to speakers or live music. Combine your iPod, an AirHead, high-end headphones, and high-quality music files, and you've got a killer portable listening system. (The BitHead includes a USB input and digital-to-analog converter that let you use the amp as an external sound card for your computer.)

(Full review in progress.)--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • HeadRoom AirHead/BitHead

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