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Apple iPod Radio Remote

At a Glance
  • Apple iPod Radio Remote

There are other FM tuners available for other iPods, including DLO's mini fm (for the mini only) and Griffin Technology's iFM (models available for all dockable iPods). The Apple product, though, is the first to directly integrate the tuner's controls into the iPod's interface. The end result is an FM tuner that works very well, and yet adds almost no bulk to the wonderful compactness of today's iPods.--Rob Griffiths

At a Glance
  • FM radio and iPod remote.


    • Good reception and sound quality
    • Cord is long enough for useful routing options
    • Very light
    • Very small
    • Useful clothing clip for keeping remote in place


    • No black option for black iPods
    • Comes apart perhaps too easily
    • No AM tuner
    • No fast-access method for a subset of all favorite stations
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