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  • Moshi iGlaze nano

We've seen a number of iPod surface treatments -- ways to change the look of your iPod, subtly or wildly. (In fact, we wrote about a few of them last year: .) We've also seen a few "films" -- products such as Power Support's Crystal Film Cover Set designed to protect your iPod from scratches without altering its size or appearance. Moshi's iGlaze is the first to do both, and it does so very well.

Instead of using a thin film, the iGlaze is made of rigid plastic with a glossy surface much like the iPod nano's own. Available in four colors -- Kagami Mercury (chrome), Sakura Pink, Obsidian Black, and Milk White -- the iGlaze completely protects the front of your iPod nano from scratches and is fairly scratch-resistant itself. (A clear window allows for easy viewing of the iPod's screen.) And the iGlaze looks better than any other surface treatment I've seen: The "flat" colors -- white, black, and pink -- look almost like official iPod nano colors; if you place a white iGlaze on your white nano, other than the tiny "moshi" label at the bottom, it's tough to tell the difference. (Already have a scratched-up nano? Add a same-color iGlaze and your nano will look like new.) The Mercury version, my favorite, drew many positive comments as I carried my nano around during testing -- several people thought I was carrying an all-chrome version of the nano and asked when Apple started selling it.

The iGlaze is also significantly easier to apply than most other "film" protectors. After cleaning the front of your nano, you apply the two pieces of the iGlaze -- one for the Click Wheel, the other for the rest of the nano's face -- separately. Because of the iGlaze's rigid design, you don't have to worry much about bubbles; the only challenge is lining the two pieces up correctly. Once on, I had no problems with the iGlaze peeling or moving.

Moshi advertises the iGlaze as being removable and reusable. With a bit of care, I was able to remove the iGlaze from my nano without leaving any residue, although you have to be careful not to bend the iGlaze too much -- because it's rigid, it can break. And I doubt the iGlaze's adhesive would last through too many removals and reapplications.

Because the iGlaze adds less than 1mm to your iPod nano's thickness, you can still use Apple's iPod nano Dock (or Universal Dock with the nano insert) as well as many iPod nano cases. That said, an iGlaze-equipped nano may be too thick for some of the tightest-fitting cases and accessories

What the iGlaze isn't is a fully protective case. The sides and polished metal back of your nano are completely exposed to scratches, and the iGlaze won't cushion your iPod in a fall. But if all you're looking for is a way to keep your nano's front face scratch-free -- or to make an older iPod nano look new again -- the iGlaze is highly recommended.--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • Protects iPod nano face from scratches.

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