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Zofunk Wink for iPod nano

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  • Zofunk Wink for iPod nano

The Zofunk Wink Series for iPod nano is a slim, attractive, silicone skin that covers your iPod from metaphorical head to toe. The two-piece case is comprised of the sleeve and a clear, adhesive screen protector. Though the case incorporates some nice touches, it also sacrifices some usability features for aesthetic reasons.

Like most other silicone cases, inserting the nano into the case is a two step affair. First, you apply the plastic screen protector, then you slip the nano into the silicone sleeve. The Wink has a couple small details that make this process easier; for one, the plastic screen protector has two small tabs attached to it. You use the first to peel the protector from its plastic backing; you hold the second tab while positioning the protector on the nano and then use the tab to peel off a second backing. This lets you apply the protector without having to worry about it sticking to your fingers. Zofunk also includes a soft cloth for wiping down the nano's face before applying the screen protector.

The other difference is that instead of inserting the nano in the Wink via the opening for the iPod's screen, as you do with many other silicone cases, there's a slit cut in the back of the case just above the dock connector end. You peel pack the bottom end of the case and slide the nano upwards into it. The major benefit of this design is that, by default, the case covers the dock connector, leaving only an opening in which to insert your headphones, but you can easily peel back the bottom of the case to use the dock connector.

The Wink isn't all roses, though most of the problems I noticed were minor. For one thing, like many silicone cases, the Wink is a bit of a lint magnet, especially the black one I tested. Also, at only 1mm thickness, the silicone is much thinner than other silicone cases I've tested (Marware's Sport Grip, for example). That makes the case fine for scratches and occasional bumps, but I wouldn't want to drop it onto concrete.

And although the Wink's "eye"-design Click Wheel cover is certainly eye-catching (pardon the expression), its aesthetic appeal is outweighed by a few practical detractions. For example, on the black version, the Play/Pause and Previous buttons are easy to see, but the slightly embossed Menu and Forward buttons are all but impossible to make out; the embossing isn't distinct enough to be able to discern the buttons by touch, occasionally leaving you fumbling to find the right control. Finally, like many of the other nano "skin" cases we've tested, the hold switch can be tricky to operate, although in a slight improvement over other cases, the thin silicone is pliable enough to let you peel it back for access.

If you're looking for an extremely slim silicone case that will guard against scratches and minor bumps, the Wink's pros may very well outweigh its cons. But if you're looking for serious shock protection, you may want to look elsewhere.--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • Zofunk Wink for iPod nano

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