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Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPod nano

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  • Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPod nano

The Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPod nano is a standard flip case made of supple leather and available in a number of colors. Flipping the front of the case open reveals a felt-lined holster for your nano, complete with a round hole for the Click Wheel. The screen is left exposed when the case is open and there's a small hole cut in the top of the case for the hold switch. Both the front and back of the Tradition are reinforced with a stiff material for protection, though the case leaves small portions of the side and bottom vulnerable to incidental contact.

Like most flip cases, the benefit of the Tradition is that when it's closed, it keeps the face of your iPod fully protected; the downside is that you can't use any of the controls or see the screen. The Tradition case is secured by a leather strap that curves around the bottom of the iPod, fastening to the other side with a metal snap. With the strap in place, the dock port on the bottom of the nano isn't usable, though you can easily connect Apple's dock cable to your iPod with the strap unsecured. The headphone jack is available with the case closed, but it's close enough to the leather at the bottom of the case that I had trouble getting my headphone plug all the way in (though not enough that it noticeably affected sound quality).

The Tradition includes a sturdy, swivel-style belt clip. To put the clip on you screw its mount, a metal fixture resembling a gear, into a hole on the back of the case. I like that the swivel clip has a button for quick release, allowing you to remove the case and leave the clip on your belt, but the whole assembly is quite bulky; thankfully, it's removable. Also, if you swivel the nano upside down to read the screen, the clip assembly makes it difficult to snap and unsnap the case's cover. A small flathead screw is included if you want to forego the belt clip entirely; you screw that into the back of the case instead of the swivel clip's mount.

Overall, the Tradition case is attractive and mostly usable. However, the swivel clip ends up being more annoying than useful due to its added size and the fact that it complicates opening and closing the case.--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPod nano

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