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Kiwali NanoDeco

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  • Kiwali NanoDeco

Kiwali's NanoDeco isn't technically a case, nor does the company advertise it as such, which is good. Instead, the NanoDeco is composed of two decals, one for the front of your iPod nano and one for the back. These decals are festooned with eye-popping designs and, though they offer scant protection for your iPod, are slim enough that they can be used in conjunction with other cases, if you so desire.

For your $15, you get to pick from ten different designs, many of them featuring art with an Asian-inspired feel. The decals are made of a material Kiwali calls "Nestor poly," which has a laminate-like surface. The NanoDeco features a reusable adhesive backing, which -- fortunately -- worked like a charm given the four or five attempts I needed to get the decal lined up correctly.

The front pieces of the NanoDeco set provides openings for the iPod's screen and Click Wheel, meaning it offers no protection for either of these sensitive elements. The sides of the nano are likewise unprotected, giving you unfettered access to the hold switch, dock connector, and headphone jack. Thus the only surfaces of your iPod shielded from damage are the iPod's chrome back and the plastic acrylic of its face, excluding the screen. And as thin as the NanoDeco is, it's really only suitable for truly minor scratches.

If aesthetics are your primary concern, or you truly value a slim profile for your nano, you may find the NanoDeco to be just what you're looking for. The NanoDeco also makes a decent set of "iPod underwear," should you have another, bulkier case for everyday use. But if you want to protect your nano at all, you may chafe at paying $15 for a pair of pretty stickers. (For the same slim profile, you can get substantially more protection -- without the designer patterns -- via Power Support's Crystal Film Set for iPod nano.)--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • Kiwali NanoDeco

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