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iStyles Leather Clip Case for iPod nano

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  • iStyles Leather Clip Case for iPod nano

The iStyles Leather Clip Case for iPod nano is, at first blush, a decent looking slim leather case. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes apparent that certain design decisions have been made with little respect for actually protecting the iPod.

Putting the iPod nano in the iStyles case is a simple affair; merely slide it in at the bottom of the case. There are openings for the screen, Click Wheel, and hold switch and, because you insert the case from the bottom, the headphone jack and dock connector are always accessible.

But this accessibility comes at a steep price to the protective capacity of the case. Both the screen and Click Wheel are left totally open to the elements, and not only does the opening around the hold switch expose the top-left corner of the iPod, but the top-right corner and both bottom corners are all left inexplicably unprotected. (Actually, from certain angles the corners may be protected by the front and back leather pieces; but if your iPod isn't in just the right position in the case, its edges stick out from these pieces. There's really no reason why the case doesn't simply cover the nano's corners.)

The case comes with both a nylon clip-on lanyard and a matching wrist strap. You attach them with a halter knot threaded through a small hole in the bottom rear of the case. One interesting feature I found on the Leather Clip Case is the long leather velcro-lined strap on the rear that allows you to attach the case to a belt, strap, armband, etc.

Without screen and Click Wheel protection, and with the extent to which the case leaves the corners of your nano vulnerable, the iStyles Leather Clip Case is not a choice for the accident prone. Coupling it with an adhesive screen protector could mitigate the flaw, but protecting the corners would necessitate a redesign. Though the velcro strap is a neat addition, it does little to offset the worrying lack of protection.

--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • iStyles Leather Clip Case for iPod nano

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