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iLuv i552

At a Glance
  • iLuv i552

The iLuv i552 doesn't sound as good as some other portable speaker systems for the iPod, but is appealing for its value--you get more features (AM/FM radio, remote, compatibility with dockable and shuffle iPods) for the money ($120) than in any other boombox-style system we've tested. However, its design--a less-than-secure iPod dock cradle, no place to store the remote, and an external AC power adapter--makes it more suited for stationary use with occasional transporting.

(See our full review via the link below.)--Dan Frakes

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • Dedicated iPod shuffle dock
    • Stylish design
    • Great feature set for the price, including AM/FM radio, remote, and AV output


    • Dock not secure enough for carrying around and makes it difficult to access iPod’s Click Wheel
    • Poor remote control design
    • Lacks bass
    • Shuffle audio “bleeds through” to other modes
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